these seemingly insignificant words

✨✨are words sometimes insignificant? can a mess be ever beautiful? sometimes these questions leave me with a trail of thoughts. thoughts which helped me fathom out the real reasons behind this. i always wondered if there was something more profound than  words spoken by our soulmates. other times, i felt like, that the people would never be able to express their true emotions through these words. since after all, these words come across as ‘seemingly insignificant’. while writing this, it might be a battle against my own self because for me personally, i have always found strength in words. the words themselves might be insignificant to a stranger but for someone who is close to them, that every letter in each word would mean a lot to them. this might be the reason i find writing as a way to escape from the anguish or anxiety that has built around me for some time. this might also be the reason why I find myself swooning over the heartfelt words that people have written for me over the years. words could be so extraordinary and  we might never realise their worth. ⭐️⭐️at times they could be messy.they could be used to hurt ourselves. though these words help us to strengthen ourselves and to turn this gloomy mess into something even more  beautiful. how ironic would it be if we turn this mess into something beautiful just through words. those same words which previously made us feel miserable. this is where the term “soulmates” comes. the ones who could change the endless void in your life and make it something extraordinarily beautiful.✨✨yes soulmates can be platonic too. 🌟🌟i recently read a post about this and found it very philosophical.  it said how: *we wander through the universe thinking that we will find someone while not being conscious that we are taking all the necessary steps which are meant to bring us together* but what is it that brings us together? i mean destiny does reunite souls but what pulls those strings together? and then i realised that behind this are those words which we sometimes consider seemingly insignificant.✨🌟✨

haven’t posted in a while so thought to write something about **words**



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  1. aqua says:

    a mess can never be beautiful

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