humanizing the world

at times where covid-19 is looming in all parts of the world, it is important to humanise this society. we all are in search of things which benefit us the most during coco v and we end up blaming others for not seeking a satisfactory verdict. our mind has created labels for everyone like ‘that person is black’ ‘that person is gay’ or ‘that person is straight’ but behind all of this we forget the sole purpose of our existence. we tend to forget how behind all these labels that we have created, there is a human. for those who don’t know about all the student movements that are currently taking place, we have forgotten that we all are humans. In these movements we have dehumanized others. the other day i was solving a past paper and was reviewing it when i heard the news of caies being postponed. during all of this time, some of the people who are close to me know how much I prepared for this and what I had to go through. during those weeks, I could sense a red flag hovering over me but each day I realised dat the only way possible is to find dat hope. we end up sensing covid-19 at all various places but we never sense dat hope that is always looming with us , probably not close but not far too. at that moment, everything felt unreal to me. as if the past month, that I spend was nothing. as if all those days where i had to study after suhoor were meaningless. and then it all went out and I started crying. i cried for like almost 1 and a half hour, to let all the frustration out and I had to eventually stop because of iftari.

eventhough my brothers were like : root afza pi loun kuch nahi hota hai

but that rooh afza which always made me happy when I was lil didn’t mattered ab

and then I saw these movements taking place and it’s been two days since I received that news and I have realised that our society has disintegrated into different groups.

students supporting for ‘teacher assessed grades’

students supporting for cancelling exams

students criticising the government for passing unjust decisions

I think I was the one from the third group but over these days I have realised that the government and all the authorities too are humans, we tend to forget it (ik I am repeatedly saying this but for a reason). we all are going through a rough time, it is hard to sometimes hold on things, it is hard to expect people to be always with you. even though, my caies have been postponed in October/November but I know that I can’t change it and it is best to understand that it is okay sometimes when others pass out decisions which might look unfair at that moment but it is even more unjust to dehumanise them.

and now I would like to quote something which someone close to me once said:

helplessness is a cursed feeling

it really is.



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  1. aqua says:

    AWH LABO! ;-;
    I’m so sorry you had to go through all of this. *hug* It does absolutely succc to have to do all that preparation again. But trust me, your efforts will never go in vain. At least you get to enjoy your break now? : D
    I was having an argument just a couple days ago which helped me realize how hard it must be for those in positions of power to make decisions that effect the masses. It must be so hard for them to decide what’s right and what’s not. There must be so much at stake. They must be under so much pressure. And so I respect those in positions of leadership more now. It must take so much courage to decide for the people. It must be so scary to think of the consequences of your decision, but leaders do this every day.
    the quotation aaa!!! :””)) made me tear up and made my day. You give so much to people just through words, wonder how much you’ll do for them when you have greater opportunities. Looking forward to living in a better world with you.
    aqua ⋆

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    1. heyy aqua!
      acha so it has been a v long time since I talked to u and I miss that so much.firstly I want to say kay thank u for being with me in my heart-rending times,i still remember how once I was having my lunch and reading ur comment about the ‘248 days’ one and I kid u not but it made me vv happy. and u know what is so coincidinkii about it, u know how u were saying that u’ll make strawberry juice for urself us waqt, u know what I was drinking: STRAWBERRY SHAKE!

      also even though I haven’t seen u but u are vvv cute and adorable, like u are genuinely so kind and everything about u is special. i was never expecting that u would have searched about like which day was 248 days ago and to relate it with taylor swift’s song and like that comment was so heartfelt that I saved it on my iPad and like I always read it! acha so I never knew about this song before and I am v happy that u mentioned it because it is like BEAUTIFUL. I too really liked that part where she said ‘I do’ and also wo wala part bhi when she said :
      I walked to u
      u pulled my chair out and helped me in
      and u don’t know how nice that is
      but I do <33

      I mean like u are so good with words, like u should start a blog or something.
      I hope u doing good! also ab maine eid kay dosray din sai parnha hai srs ho kar, 2 weeks sai bohot ayashi kar li hai xD

      janay sai phele, maine aik aur baat karni hai, so u know how I wrote the post about ‘wuv, aqua’, I always wanted to send a picture of my diary ( which is a part of my o level journey) and apparently I can’t send pictures like thru comments and stuff so i have to show u something and I will edit wo wali post and then post that picture there


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      1. aqua says:

        funfact: I did NOT like strawberries AT ALL. It had been years since I had tasted any, until one day last year someone offered me some just as our class ended. And it would’ve felt real rude had I said no, so I picked one up and ate it whole. :p It was too tangy, but I guess not everything you dislike turns out bad hamesha.
        I’m so glad you enjoyed the song and that the comment made you happy. :”)) Honestly, visiting your blog is so refreshing and joyful to me, so the feeling is mutual.
        OMG EID MUBARAK!!! tho I know I’m late but khair hai. Good job on having fun and the ayyashi. Well deserved.
        I have no clue how or why you chose to use that emoji but bears are my favorite animal!!! coincidinkii! I’m assuming that’s a Eid hug tho, so ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ to you tooo
        Good luck with the srs parhayi!!
        aqua ⋆

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  2. very well written! rightly explained! 🙂

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