wuv you ,aqua

these past 2 weeks were probably the worst.

I had my mocks like every single day and I was sleep deprived.

I felt the most loneliest , and I missed all of you.

it is this community, that I’ll always wuv because of all the support that I receive and I will always remember that.I

I don’t talk much to friends online, and sometimes I feel like , I should have done that, though all of these comments on this blog makes me always happy, which is why, I need to thank you for all of this.

I missed aqua’s messages because, each time, she wrote to me, I always felt v happy and something that I used to look forward in a day, like excitedly waiting for her message to pop up in my mail and wesay, I am not good with handling words or sometimes feel very awkward dealing with it , but all I want you all to know is that , I am extremely grateful for all of this!

I might disappear again , because even though, I am done with my mocks but the CAIEs are still there.

aqua, I hope that you are eating a jalebi or something sweet and living happily.



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  1. aqua says:

    OH LABOOOO!!! :””” )
    This is so heartwarming!! you have no idea how happy this made me <33
    (this picture is so pretty and flicker-y. and now I wanna be at a beach so bad. one day soon)
    We missed you toooo!! So nice to hear from you again : ))
    CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT THROUGH YOUR MOCKS! GO YOU, GIRL! 🌟 You're gonna kill your CAIEs too Insha'Allah. Those exams won't know what hit them hehe

    You say you're no good with words but still manage to put a smile on my face with every blog =3= come oon. You deciding to express your thoughts and opinions in itself is courageous and amazing, let alone the way you do it. (at least, I would never be able to do the same)

    I sure am grateful and have all reasons to be happy. oooh the jalebi thing reminds me I had saved a chocolate for myself under my notes haha. I had plans on rewarding myself with it when I get some good amount of work done. um.. didn't do as much of that really, even though I've got loads to cover =/ dunno why I'm slacking off so much. really really really don't want to, but I do it still? =3= not so proud of myself these days, but I promise I will do better. Anyways, will eat this chocolate in memory of you, if not as a reward. You eat something good too. Treat yourself, you deserve one for working so hard <33 wishing you luck and strength and health and joy and success constantly

    aqua ⋆


  2. AQUA, I missed you like ALOT, because you seem like an awesome person and i always feel like, i am not alone because of all your cutesy sai messages. These days are not going that great, although i hope it gets better but for like the past 248 days, nothing is working out properly, it is an overwhelming feeling of sadness, and loneliness and i feel like, i am not able to communicate with people properly and i should have been better at it. But the thing is , i struggle with putting out the right words to say to someone and end up messing everything.

    Saturday, was probably, one of my best day because it was our last mock. I still remember, how an hour before every mock, i used to walk in circles with my books, struggling to remember everything. I am bad in memorizing things, esp for islamiyat. And, sometimes, i wonder why do we even have to study all of this, like all about the historical facts.

    Though, moving on to the good part. We had a GP session which is another subject (global perspective) from 1 p.m till 4. I was able to talk with like every person out there and i kid you not, but it was the best feeling ever, because normally i feel v awkward in public gatherings though it turned out amazing.


    and yes, will definitely try to eat sm sweet, although probably won;t work out for me at dis moment.
    u wish me luck
    i wish you luck


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  3. aqua says:

    let me be honest and start with this kay UFFFFF LAIBA AAAAAAAAA YOU’RE SO CUTE!! *clears throat* yes. as if you didn’t know that already pfft. *whispers mA*

    Google tells me it was 15th July 2020, a Wednesday, 248 days ago.
    There’s a Taylor Swift lyric:
    ‘I’ve been spending the last eight months
    Thinking all love ever does
    Is break and burn, and end
    But on a Wednesday in a café
    I watched it begin again’
    It’s from the song ‘Begin Again’.
    Although she’s primarily singing about a breakup and how she finally found someone better, I always listen to the song thinking how she finally found happiness and confidence in being herself. How she finally realized that there are people out there who will appreciate her. The song helps me feel hopeful. That after every period of sorrow, be it eight months or 248 days, there will come a Wednesday in a café where I will see joy rise again. When this misery will end and we will be happy again. I hope that Wednesday comes sooner than later for you. I have faith it will bht jaldi. This is a weird time for sure. There’s so much uncertainty, but this will too soon end. Until then, know that you’re not alone. There will always be someone around you who will be ready to listen.
    (Acha if you do end up listening to the song, just wanted to say I love love love the parts where she says “but I do”. Just awesome selflove moments)

    Islamiyat and Pak Studies involve so much route learning ugh. And haha last minute sabko yahi lagta hai jese kuch bhi nahi aata, but believe in yourself labo (I know cliché but iss tru).
    I’d say, instead of walking in circles with your book, in the final hour before the exam, eat a chocolate and run around the house hehe (assuming you’re giving your exams online). There’s not much you can prepare in that final hour, tou might as well give your body some serotonin (running makes me happy). Or just rest.
    GP was a fun subject. So happy you enjoyed your time interacting with people!! Seee you’re acha khaasa good with words =D

    Hoping whatever you had worked out for you. mmm imma make some strawberry juice :p
    i wish u luck
    u wish me luck

    aqua ⋆


  4. aqua says:

    I’m a big fan of journals and I love journaling. So to me, being part of someone else’s journal, and in a good way, feels really very special :”) this is so precious ⋆ I hope you get to document the best moments and make good memories to remember! (also omg I had my Cole Sprouse phase once, the more I listened to him speak in interviews the faster it faded xD)

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