v sorry

I might not be able to write posts from now in this course, because lately I have been caught up in a lot of things and it is vv difficult for me to manage.

though, I might some day come back again, and continue .-.

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  1. take good care while you come and go and we’ll see you when you pop on! ❤️

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      1. You’re so welcome!❤️


  2. aqua says:

    Don’t be sorry for being caught up with stuff. It’s great that you’re prioritizing. :> I’ve been caught up with a lot of stuff too, but-
    but about right now I had this weird asylum headache out of nowhere, and while I was working on my homework I just wanted to stop. Stop and crash and sink and get hugged and be pulled in by my bed. And so I did stop and crash in my bed and lay upside down and imagined being hugged and pulled in by it. That didn’t help with anything honestly 😛 the headache was still there and so was my homework. So I opened my journal, scrolled through that mess, and entered another messed entry. That didn’t help with anything either 😛 the headache was still there and so was my homework. Then I opened my personal email, read through some subscribed nice stuff, and saw an email notification from Bergamot and Strawberries of a new post. I opened WordPress, read through your self-care posts and began wondering… what was I wondering? hmmm… and then the realization hit me. My head wasn’t hurting anymore. 🙂
    My head isn’t hurting anymore. God knows why it came in in the first place, but all I know is that I chose not to fight with it and accepted defeat and crashed and did stuff I thought would help me get back into attack mode. And I’m happy about that. You helped me quite a bunch in getting back into attack mode. Let credit be given where it is due. thenk yue (ye tou rhyming ho gaya) :3
    I hope you deal with your thingys in your own version of attack mode. But maybe not fight the thingys that you cannot control. Sometimes crashing your high flying planes into your bed helps you win the greater battles at hand. I should do my homework now. u wish me luck. me wish u luck.

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    1. heyy, how are you so good at making people happy? Everything about this comment is just adorbs. I hope that you were able to complete your homework and had a wonderful day. i had a really busy week and each day, i have to do like a lot of work, but these comments just make my day. I never knew, that i would have ever received a lot of support from WordPress but i feel like i am lucky to be on this platform. i made an insta account like back in December (ahhh, btw i vuw taylor swift’s songs), *anyways*, it hardly lasted like two or three weeks. Today, i had that weird feeling back again and i felt bad of actually starting the insta page. AND HONESLTY , AT THAT TIME, I CHEKCED WORDPRESS AND YOUR COMMENT WAS LITERALLY EVERYTHING.
      O level has been really tough for me, because of all the stress and i get headaches frequently. There was a time, where i had been heavily dependent on pain killers, though i am glad that i went through this week and survived.

      and do i know you, like how did you find my blog?
      and yess me will definitely wish u luck.

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      1. aqua says:

        hiii! hehehe I promise I have no happy-making-superpowers. You on the other hand are a receptive person, Laiba. Don’t know if I’ll make much sense when I say this (biology alert), but you know how our body has got receptors? Receptors that sense stuff? There are special receptors for special specific stuff, like touch receptors to sense touch, temperature receptors that sense heat, light receptors that sense brightness yada yada on and on. Just like that there are some more, less physically visible receptors in a human body. One example might be the goodness receptors, that sense goodness. Everyone’s got them, but not everyone has them activated. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, people won’t consider your good acts as good, simply because unkay receptors are off. They can always turn them on, but eh, they choose not to. You sense goodness, even when it is in smol tiny amounts. You chose to be receptive of the little joys life has got to give you, and that is awesome :> mashaAllah

        My homework… is a big one =/ it is going to take me quite some time to get done with it. But I am making progress! My day was eventful. It is ending nicely.
        I. WUV. TAYLOR SWIFT’S SONGS TOO AAAA! I’m a fan :”) What’s you favorite TS song?

        Headaches suck. That sounds hard and I hope you don’t have to go through that again =( May your headaches all go on a vacation and never come back, ameen. Funfact: I have never had a Panadol ever in my life!

        mmm I don’t think we know each other. I found your blog through a series of bizarre events. I can go into details but let’s just call it fate? destiny? a horse! (do you get the reference?) yes. I found your blog through a horse. I named that horse um Peter. Thank you Peter the horse for leading me here. I found some pretty cool stuff and I’m glad this happened. :3

        I hope you’re dealing with your thingys well. I wish you ace your O levels and the hard work pays off! please do take care tho ;-;
        wishing you strength

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      2. You always make me extremely happy!
        *like wuttt*
        and that receptor wali analogy is like so true, you know , now that i think of , i feel like you have a million of goodness receptors which are activated. I really want you to be free from all the homework that you get. Sometimes, it gets stressful and i keep on adding it to my “to do list” which makes me even more stressed out. Though, nowadays i don’t do much homework because of all the studies that i have to complete for my CAIES.
        One of my favourite Taylor Swift’s song is “Love story”, it gives me those feels and khas thor pay, when she sings the part where Romeo kneels on the ground and pulls a wedding ring out *AHHH, THAT IS PAAAURE LOVE*
        It is good that you never had Pandaol in your life , and i hope that you will never ever need it because the people around you will always make you happy.

        I am now curious about this because i really wanna know, how you found my blog? like , its not that famous or anything. And yes, i get the Tangled wali reference.

        I hope that YOU are dealing with your thingys perfectly and eating one of the most delicious baked goods, as the sweetness in them actually compliments your personality, *you know , that is how twinzies work*

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      3. aqua says:

        Happiness gets to you when its due. In the most unexpected ways sometimes. ⚝

        I don’t think I’m gonna be free from my homework anytime soon. But I can always take breaks and do things I would’ve done if I was free, even when I’m not. I sat down to sketch last night, even though I have work due that’ll take me days to cover. And I do not regret doing so.
        When I had to appear for my CAIES for the first time, I lost a lot of hair xD around fifty percent of it :p it is stressful indeed. I believe it may be even harder now with all the uncertainty brought by covid =/ and the online setting makes it harder to stay in touch with friends or even rant about stuff. I’m so sorry if all of this stresses you out, it is understandable. But you can always take some well deserved breaks. You’re doing awesome, labo. Just don’t die trying too hard, baaki set hai jo marzi karo.

        Taylor just released the rerecorded version of Love Story! (so excited about the six new songs she’s releasing!!!) I’m giggling at your reaction. It’s a sweet song. Would definitely begin singing out loud the “MARRY ME JULIET” part in public if I hear it playing. Thank you for your lovely wish :>

        Alright, about the finding out part. If you google “bergamot and strawberries” the second link suggestion redirects to your blog. So that’s that. I would google the most absurd things and end up in a rabbit hole hours later. Bergamot is a very interesting fruit. I read so much about it the day I found your blog. Did you know the word came from the Turkish beg-armudi, which means “prince’s pear” or “prince of pears.” Shehzaada Bergamot! (that was silly)

        I just had jalebi aur barfi!!! :”) Hope you’re having apnay jesa awesome khaana too ;>
        Wishing you strength and luck.

        aqua ⚝

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        Everything about you is just ADORBS.
        Hey, you have got like a lot of homework to do, I really hope kay you manage things perfectly. This is like so good, that you take out time to do things for yourself and not feel guilty about it. I am way too different, i feel guilty like most of the time.
        And it is a weird feeling at first, you know to appear for CAIEs because everything feels different. Our teachers keeps on reminding us about students achieving A* and distinctions which makes me more pressurized.
        You probably took way too much stress for your CAIES, though for me, I get headaches frequently and i have a whole lot eye problems. My doctor told me, that my cornea has shrunk *don’t know any reason behind this shrinkage * but this creates a lot of irritation in my eyes.
        We only go to school twice a week, which just shucks. *random facts 101*
        Honestly, your every comment makes me like vv happy. I don’t know how you do this but its AMAZING. I wuved every comment of yours and it makes my smol heart really happy.
        I hope, that we always stay connected because you seem like an awesome individual.
        wesay, i never thought that my blog would have ever appeared on Google waghera.
        And yes, Taylor Swift released that video and that was WHOLESOME! Especially the fact that Romeo is basically her fans.
        I have recently been interested in listening to podcasts related to mental health and always loving the vibe.
        also, I listened this mashup of english and urdu songs and loved it, so i wanna recommend it to you too.
        The video is “Desi 4chord medley by Penn Masala”
        I don’t know much about Bergamot except the fact kay it is a citrus fruit , so basically this title represented bitter and sweetness at the same time.

        Ooooh, jalebi is awesome, though i don’t like mithai as such becuase they are way too drenched in sugary syrup. I ate a strawberry abhi, it felt nice.
        you know, really added “colours” in my life. xD


      5. aqua says:

        I’m listening to a Western Bollywood songs mashup on 9am on a Tuesday and I LOVE IT! The singers are all so adorable and what they do is so fun! So many songs I had completely forgotten about. Was nice to hear em again. *heavy flashbacks* (‘tum hi ho bandhu’ used to be my favorite song at a point in time xD) Thank you for sharing!! I’m gonna be listening to more of Penn Masala throughout the day here and there now :”)
        I listen to podcasts too but never about mental health and I have a very short list. My favorite is Welcome to Night Vale. Its a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale. Its very creepy and sometimes unconventionally hilarious. Most fun to listen to on night walks. umm I also listen to science podcasts, fun fact podcasts, and once binged on a Greek mythology podcast after a sudden spark of interest. There’s also poetry I listen to, though only on special occasions (bht koi dimaagh kharaab hua ho tou tab.) AND NOW I will share my favorite poem with you for no reason whatsoever: The More Loving One by W. H. Auden. :> hope you like it

        ugh the homework. Its a bit too much for my liking. But its going fine I guess, it’ll be fine. It all works out. I did take a lot of stress tab, abhi bhi its no different. Just have better coping mechanisms this time I guess. hmm the guilt just shows how much you care about the thing. And its nice to see you care enough to achieve better. The pressure thing, bruh I relate so much. It becomes a responsibility to achieve when people begin having high expectations from you. But its equally rewarding when you meet those expectations and see them people happy. Give yourself more credit, labo. There’s no need to punish yourself with guilt when you knoww you’re sincerely working hard. At the same time, I totally get why it may be hard to do. I’m glad you get to visit your school twice a week. I haven’t met anyyy of my friends in almost an year now. *random facts 101*
        Cornea se kaho insaan banay. I hope your eyes get better. Will be praying for you ❤

        I read your post where you tell why you named the blog Bergamot and Strawberries. Pretty idea. Gonna meet my chai now and then those expectations.
        u wish me luck. me wish u luck.
        aqua ⚝


      6. sorry aqua for the late reply but things have been crazy lately. I am so glad that you liked it , and that was the first time that i listened to ‘Love story’. over there. I loved how he sang especially when he replaced the word “Romeo’ by “Juliet ‘ *it was vv cute*. This is like amazing that you listen to these cool podcasts.
        Thank you for recommending this poem aqua!! I listened to the audio version of it and it is BEAUT.

        “Were all stars to disappear or die,
        I should learn to look at an empty sky
        And feel its total darkness sublime,
        Though this might take me a little time”
        This really was meaningful, and I always use the sky analogy because I feel like we could learn a lot of things from the void sky. This also feels more comfortable to accept death and not create a fear about it. *esp at times where it is hard to deal with the death of your loved one *. You know, that the term “death” always makes me kind of mesmerized. Though there is a phrase which always consoles me and it is from “Looking for Alaska by John Green’
        “We cannot be born, and we cannot die. Like all energy, we can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations. They forget that when they get old. They get scared of losing and failing. But that part of us greater than the sum of our parts cannot begin and cannot end, and so it cannot fail.”

        AHHH, I hope that you get to meet your friends soon, i hope that wherever you are, you are living the most best life (even when , there are difficulties, i hope you are able to cope up with it).

        and thanks for all the wishes, i hope kay cornea insaan ban jaye ga jald.

        I am gonna do coding now cause i have a project of making a tic tac toe game in python.
        me will defo wish you luck!!

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      7. aqua says:

        okay tou here’s my attempt at recalling what I wrote and typing it out again:
        “donut apologize : and I absolutely enjoy doing so :3
        aqua ⭑”

        agar ab isko koi masla hua na post kartay waqt, maine-
        kuch kar dena hai 😡 hmph :p

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      8. aqua says:



  3. CARAMEL says:

    ❤ Taking a break when there is a lot going on in life is always the wise, balanced and right thing to do! ❤

    I have been super busy the past couple of months because working for the NHS has been so intense. I have just been scheduling for some of my oldest posts from 3 years ago to be republished while I don't have time to prepare fresh content.

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    1. thank you! at first, i felt really bad doing this, because it gave me a feeling that i basically failed, though, all of the support that i have received is awesome!


  4. aqua says:

    donut apologize : and I absolutely enjoy doing so :3


    1. aqua says:

      ok wut.
      I wrote itna lamba reply and idekkk some glitch or whatever and it all got deleted >:(( and all you got was this weird nonsense. hmph.
      I’ve said urgh about 7 times now.
      Imma try writing the same thing again but mushkil hi hai the same stuff comes out again

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      1. no probs aqua! glitches are way too common and it makes you really frustrating but it is okay and deep down i know that it was a wonderful message just like all the other ones.
        labo ♡

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  5. I need to to thank you for this excellent read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…

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