Day 2 : ‘Crying isn’t weak’

FOTD : I am a weakling

and not because I cry most of the time, but because I hold back my tears cause I don’t want to be judged by anyone.

before moving upon today’s topic. I must say this that there are some people who use this formula to create a stereotypical thought in mere seconds. (though, i would like to write this as a python code rather than an actual formula) *i am amateur programmer , but this is my best try *

if crying == sensitive and sensitive == boys

print(‘*haha, dat boy is a weakling*’)


print(‘haha, dat girl is a weakling’)


print(‘equality for everyone’)

(though i am 100% sure, this code have a lot of syntax errors but lets assume kay it’s right bcz it is v close to many people’s mindsets)

This code basically shows that according to some stereotypes, crying is often associated with being sensitive and if a boy(who is considered strong) cries, then they are judged, similarly if a girl cries, the output is same. If these two conditions don’t work (like no stereotypical thoughts), then the result will be equality for literally everyone in this world.

crying will always help you rather than being suffocated in all of those miseries.

I have forcedly tried not to cry most of the times, but i know all the negative consequences, so saying this by experience that always wuv yourself becuase you all certainly deserve to be wuved.

and always remember that:

“Crying doesn’t indicate that you are weak, since birth it had always been a sign that you are alive.”

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