something I really wanna talk about

so I have decided to launch a course about inner self-care for a week which is a part of my project upon women empowerment. Each day , I will be writing one or two posts about mental health / relaxing your mind from all of the stress that comes in. The sole purpose behind it is to empower women , to reiterate the fact that they capable of doing anything . Although many women are breaking the glass ceiling but they all must take out time for their own selves and relax from all the worldly problems.

This life will continue and everything will keep on moving.In that time, we might feel like we are too absorbed in something or don’t yet feel free from all the obstacles which have been created, which is why I have decided to contribute in it and make at least someone happy.

This mini course will mainly focus upon mental health and different aspect related to it. I feel like, in some countries, women mostly feel insecure in public gatherings because society doesn’t expect much from them. Often times, these thoughts cripple the dreams which were once alive.
As a little girl, we mostly are carefree and can wear anything we want or do anything, but it is the age which then plays a significant role in it. As we grow up, we will be criticised upon the most smallest things or judged because of it.

It is important to let go of things because if we don’t , then all the times , we threw glitter on paper, or pasted glowing stars on ceiling won’t matter anymore. We did this, because we were building up hopes for ourself, We did this because we were happy, when positive things surrounded us. Once, I read somewhere how ‘depression means that this long tunnel is all black, that there is no light gleaming out of it , that there is no hope , nor any future,’ Changing perception of millions of people out there might take some time , but in that moment, I think we could all appreciate that fact that we are breaking the barriers and shattering all the stereotypical thoughts.

shouldn’t we?

my aim is to make these blog posts available to a larger audience and so it could be more interactive and helps in disseminating awareness. also , feel free to share your witty perspectives upon this issue.




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