Day 1: “You all are vv beautiful”

This blog post is to for all of those , who underestimate themselves, who think that others are more capable of doing something than their own selves. They forget, that they are like this shining star who will always spread happiness to people around them. The truth is , we all don’t need anything to conceal our blemishes or any acne because that true beauty lies within that soft smile. A smile which makes millions of people giggle or happy. A smile, which reminds people that there is so much more in this world than our constricted mind. The love and all that affection makes up that beauty.

At first, I considered a mask as my superhero because it hid my face. I never believed in myself even when people told me something way too positive about me.

Though, one thing that I surely learnt was : time lets all of our wounds be healed. If one year, i found myself crying over how i look but the next year, that same girl was relatively proud of herself. It does takes time, but its good that we were able to change ourselves. Our growth indicates, that we are constantly changing, or perhaps improving, It shows that we are transforming into a more beautiful human being (both from the inside and the outside) each day. We might not feel like this, but I assure you that it is happening within our body. Once, you remove the cloud of negative thoughts, that glow will return back. And, if you don’t believe me, then ponder over the stages of life.

Why do we think that children are innocent?

Why do we consider that babies or toddlers are cute?

Why are we toxic about our own beauty?

Why do we feel more insecure about ourselves when we grow up?

The answer is simple : back when we were young, we never cared what others might think about us, we had this own little world and it was far better than what we have created now, a series of struggles , anxiety, panic attack, pain killers .

But all of this for what?

Doing this, just for a meaningless thing?

Which, is why that sky analogy works best here.

We all are like stars; always glowing.

#loveyourself #selflove #positivevibes #love


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  1. I had acne problems during my teenage year. I was the kind of person that if life treated me badly, it would show in my face. I was furious when adults told me to chill and that this moment would pass eventually. People were, if they didn’t ask you to just ignore it, they would make you even worse by pointing out your imperfections. So I’m impressed that you can see this distorted value in our society more clearly than most people. Now, I think those years when I suffered low confidence due to my physical appearance are what help to fully accept and love my current self. Kudos for you!

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