All stars deserves to be beautiful

“ All stars deserves to be beautiful “- A Poem

My eyes were adjusted on the sky

My mind was brimming with the memories of my childhood

My thoughts were limited to what people said:

“ A beautiful skin is one that is fair”

“ Try fair and lovely, it will help you”

“  She is ugly because she is dark-skinned”

For a while, my mind had been stuck in a storm of thoughts

It was a depressing convulsion

Everyday sales of whitening creams are increasing

Everyday people are using brightening masks

Everyday they are out for fairness injection

Everyday there  sense of self-worth is damaged

And everyday all we can think is this:

“ Fairness is beauty”

But all of this for what?

You think you’ll be accepted by society?

Be more successful?

And be more attractive to people,

When your skin is white as snow?

I don’t want to be different from  what I am 

I don’t want to try lemon-induced masks

I don’t want to slather goat milk on my face

But I want human beings to be like stars

And to love the glow that they were born with

But this wouldn’t be possible with 

Cucumber and Aloe Vera Masks

Or Honey and Yogurt extract

This will be done 

If you mix justice, equality , kindness and generosity 

Slather this wonderful mixture on your face and your soul

And leave it there for the rest of your life!

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