have we ever felt that?

it is hard to realise how disproportionate this world could be.

how things could be unequally distributed?
when one gets the opportunities and the other doesn’t?
when one lives the best life , and the other doesn’t?

was this all chosen by someone?

do I deserve all the comforts?

why are some of the people blessed with opportunities when others aren’t ?

why are some people cuddled in their bed, when others are out living on the streets?
are we the ones who created this?

why does people want to aim for perfectness, yet they are living in a such a deformed world?

like have you ever seen that deeply dissected Potowar Plateu?

then why does people create these perceptions of being perfect when the world we are living in is not perfect and everything is not where it was supposed to be.

how can we even do something when our system is so screwed up?

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