1 day left till this CrApPy YeAr EnDs

OK. Might be a good word to start this blog. You know what I am feeling right now. That exact feeling I had like a few months ago. A feeling which is unusual and weird. Sometimes I even question if I should even feel about this. I don’t even know if I should make resolutions. But as I look back, I will admit that in this year, there were three months that I will always remember. Although it was a really short period of time but somehow , they became a part of my misty memory. The three months where I went to school. I know, that even during that time , I was writing blog post about how cruddy my current situation was and , my diet became my least priority but those were some really good times. I felt good with other hooman beings out there. It felt different to me, because staying at home for 6 months straight, I kind of missed all of this. Even though, I wasn’t able to hug them , nor talk much but that fact that I could sense their presence was a lot for me. I never knew, how I will be able to miss my schoolmates because I am a socially awkward person who just avoids large groups but this time, I felt grateful for it.

Though, now I am waiting for the decision , that the education minister have to take about the re-opening of educational institutions. That same old feeling. That urge to go back to school, but had been disappointed every time. I hope that school re-opens back in January.

will I be able to sense the warmth of hoomans and their love in year 2021?

i h o p e s o


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